Sustainable Cities Project, Bolivia

Project Description

John Gladki of GPA worked with University of Toronto Urban International to provide technical assistance and guidance to municipal staff in La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba, Tarija and Santa Cruz Bolivia for strategic planning and the implementation of municipal projects. The project involved a series of intensive workshops with municipal staff and members of civil society to prepare strategic development plans, based on citizen participation and participatory budgeting. The plans provided municipalities with long term forecasts of growth and investment strategies as well as funding obligations. The project also involved advising the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning on national urban policy and municipal management. One of the products of the project was the publication of a tool kit for municipalities to use for public engagement and strategic planning.

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University of Toronto, Urban International (Canadian International Development Agency)




University of Toronto Urban International, Bolivia Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning




Planning Policy and Implementation / Sustainability and Healthy Communities