Regent Park Revitalization

Project Description

John Gladki of GPA led a large consultant team to prepare a community designed revitalization plan for the Regent Park neighbourhood, Canada’s oldest and largest public housing project. The plan was completed in 2002 and proposed a phased approach to the redevelopment of the area into a vibrant mixed use, mixed income community including the construction of a blend of up to 7,500 new market and rent geared to income housing units as well as supporting commercial and employment uses. The objective was to create a “benchmark” community that is integrated to the surrounding neighbourhoods by a series of public streets and spaces. The plan incorporates the highest standards in site design, architecture and environmental sustainability.

Engaging residents and key stakeholders has been a fundamental tenet throughout the revitalization process. This revitalization strategy was developed through an extensive community engagement process conducted in seven languages and consisting of large public meetings, open houses and smaller key stakeholder workshops. In addition to preparing the revitalization plan, our responsibilities included obtaining the necessary planning and environmental approvals, maintaining and facilitating an ongoing consultation program with Regent Park residents, and formulating an approach that will result in a complete community.

GPA team members have been subsequently engaged since 2004 to assist TCH with the approval and implementation of all aspects of the Plan.

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Greenberg Consultants (urban design), The Daniels Corporation (development partner), Dillon Consulting (transportation and servicing), Markson Bojooah Architects (urban design), Goodmans LLP (legal)




Canadian Institute of Planners, 2003 Award of Excellence; and Ontario Professional Planners Institute, 2005 Award of Excellence


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