Pickering Village Land Use and Design Study

Project Description

GPA team members led a consultant team to conduct a study for the historic Pickering Village area in the Town of Ajax. The study resulted in a Community Improvement Plan that addressed the restoration and preservation of existing historic buildings as well as the promotion of commercial diversification of this important area of the Town. Included in this work were recommendations for appropriate land use and zoning changes, preparation of built form guidelines and public realm improvements and a recommendation on the appropriateness of establishing a Heritage Conservation District Plan within the area. A community consultation program included public meetings, design workshops and one-on-one discussions.

The Town has carried forward the recommendations of study through the creation of the Pickering Village Community Improvement Plan, the initiation of a Heritage Conservation District Study for the area and public works to implement plan recommendations along Old Kingston Road.

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Town of Ajax




Young + Wright Architects (urban design), TSH (transportation), AREA Architects (heritage)




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