Official Plan Housing and Intensification Study

Project Description

To meet the provincially mandated growth targets, GPA staff led the study to redevelop Richmond Hill’s housing and intensification official plan policies. Serving as the land use planning lead and project managers, our team coordinated the efforts of housing, urban design, transportation and servicing consultants through an extensive consultation program. In addition to meeting the growth targets in the built-up boundary and protecting natural heritage, the land use and design principles establish the foundation for the urbanization of the existing land supply into dense, attractive and walkable communities that support public transportation. The focus was to develop and hierarchal system of centres and corridors that provide a mix of housing typologies appropriate the size, history and context of each area.  The study recommendations were included in the new Official Plan and received Council’s approval in July 2010.

Our team was also involved in the intensification study for Ajax and the secondary plan strategy for the Key Development Area at Yonge Street and 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill.

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Town of Richmond Hill


Richmond Hill


DTAH (urban design); Lapointe Consulting (Housing); Dillon (infrastructure)




Area and Regional Planning / Facilitation and Consultation / Planning Policy and Implementation