Little Lake Land Use and Urban Design Study

Project Description

GPA led a land use and urban design study for a portion of central Peterborough along the south shore of Little Lake. Located in the heart of the city, Little Lake is considered an important civic asset. Its southern shore features low density housing forms, although precedents for higher density buildings are present close by. With development pressure mounting, the objective of the study was to make recommendations on the future direction of the area which would positively direct growth while preserving the characteristics that were important to residents and other users.

Public and stakeholder consultation was central to the study process. GPA met with local politicians, City staff, the Downtown Business Improvement Area, the Arts and Culture Committee and local landowners. At public meetings, small facilitated group discussions created a space for dialogue on the direction of the community and how change should be best managed.

The study recommended moderate intensification that fits within its context in terms of design and transitions. The recommendations included approaches to implementation, including policy changes, and urban design standards which could be adopted to provide a further level of guidance.

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