Kensington Market Public Realm Master Plan

Project Description

Kensington Market is a place for everyone. It has always been a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together to live, work and enjoy the unique and vibrant market experience. Over the years, the Market has adapted to growth and change within our City. As change continues, it is important that Kensington remain a place where everyone feels welcomed and included.

GPA is part of a team to develop the Kensington Market Public Realm Master Plan to ensure the market continues to be a place for everyone. Led by SUMO Projects, the Master Plan will provide a vision for tactical improvements to the Market’s streets, sidewalks, laneways, green spaces, waste management, lighting, parking (bikes and cars), street furniture and more.

The planning and design process is participatory and community-driven. GPA has developed a suite of ways for the public to get involved. This includes a pop-up kiosk to collect feedback, a series public and stakeholder workshops as well as drop-ins for those who otherwise would not attend public meetings. We further aim to tap into the community of engaged citizens, to turn input into action. We are doing this by incorporating approaches that help encourage the community to take ownership of public spaces.

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Kensington Market BIA




SUMO Projects (Lead), Ken Greenberg, PMA Architects


2018 - Ongoing


Master Plan


Area and Regional Planning / Facilitation and Consultation / Sustainability and Healthy Communities