Grand Parade Plan and Urban Design

Project Description

John Gladki of GPA worked with a team of consultants led by CBCL to develop a community based set of planning and design guidelines for a high profile section of the Halifax Downtown area, between the City Hall (Grand Parade) and the Legislative building (Province House). The project involved preparing a land use and urban design plan for the area, taking into account the protection of view corridors to these two significant historic buildings and opportunities for the redevelopment of municipally owned property in the area while enhancing the at grade pedestrian environment. The process involved an open house and public meeting at Province House and the preparation of a report with recommendations.

More Information


City of Halifax and Province of Nova Scotia




CBCL Engineering consultant (lead), Greenberg Consultants & Markson Borooagh Architects (urban design)




Canadian Society of Landscape Architecture, 2007 National Honour


Area and Regional Planning / Facilitation and Consultation / Planning Policy and Implementation