Eglinton East LRT Consultation and Communication Strategy

Project Description

This project involves the communications and consultation for the LRT planning study in Scarborough, Toronto. Nadia Galati of GPA is the engagement strategy lead and developed the consultation plan, which includes traditional and nontraditional forms of engagement, with a focus on outreach to diverse communities. She has organized and led the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. As part of Phase 1, Sara Udow (and Jennie Suddick of Crazy Dames) designed a series of three (3) creative consultation activities for three public meetings. As part of the existing conditions analysis and visioning phase, we designed a series of complete community icons. Blue cutouts represented what people wanted to preserve and orange cutouts represented what participants wanted to see in the future. The conversations were captured in summary notes and a ‘what we heard report.’ We prepared the materials, facilitated the event and wrote a summary report.

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Transportation Services, City of Toronto


2017 - Ongoing


Area and Regional Planning / Facilitation and Consultation / Planning Policy and Implementation / Social Policy and Affordable Housing