Eglinton East LRT Consultation and Communication Strategy

Project Description

The Eglinton East Light Rail Transit (LRT) project is a transit project being planned by the City of Toronto for the easterly extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. The Eglinton East LRT will provide improved local transit access to over 40,000 residents. The purpose and overall goal of the consultation and communication program is to ensure that plans for the Eglinton East LRT take into account input from the community, while building support to advance the project. The consultation program aligns with the technical study process.

Dillon Consulting is the lead on this project and GPA/Crazy Dames is providing community engagement support. Nadia Galati of GPA is an engagement strategy lead for the project and co-developed the overall consultation plan and strategy, which included traditional and nontraditional forms of engagement. As part of Phase 1, GPA/ Crazy Dames designed a series of creative consultation activities for three public meetings. This involved the design of complete community icons. Blue cutouts represented what people want to preserve and orange cutouts represented what participants want to see in the future. We heard from over 100 people in Phase 1. Many great ideas and key questions were identified by the public and stakeholders. Community interests were brought to the forefront for planning priorities, and critical technical questions were identified to inform work to be completed in phases 2 and 3. Phase 2 will incorporate additional innovative tools, including the hiring and training of community animators, a public art exhibition and a bus tour of the corridor.

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Transportation Services, City of Toronto


Dillon Consulting, Crazy Dames


2017 - Ongoing


Area and Regional Planning / Facilitation and Consultation / Planning Policy and Implementation / Social Policy and Affordable Housing