Downtown Community Infrastructure Impact Study

Project Description

GPA piloted an approach to the analysis of community infrastructure for Downtown Mississauga, an Urban Growth Centre in the Province’s Growth Plan.

As its pattern of growth shifts from greenfield development to intensification, Mississauga has recognized that it needs new tools to ensure that community infrastructure keeps pace with development. Much of the future growth expected to take place in Mississauga will occur in Downtown areas. As the population of these areas grows, there is expected to be an increased demand on existing community infrastructure, and possibly the need to add to the existing stock of services and amenities that serve the local population, the City, and surrounding region.

The study included an analysis of population growth and standards of provision for elements of community infrastructure, including recreation and community centres, libraries, parks, schools, day cares, health facilities and hospitals, places of worship, affordable housing, community service providers and fire and emergency services.

As a pilot project, in addition to its Downtown-specific analysis, the study also included broader recommendations to shape Mississauga’s approach to community infrastructure in the context of intensification, including practical ways of incorporating community infrastructure considerations into the planning and development process and how the community infrastructure implications of individual developments are best assessed.

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