Key Performance Indicators for City Planning Division

Project Description

GPA worked with the City Planning Division at the City of Toronto to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The challenge was to develop a concise group of indicators that capture and reflect the quality of the work being done by the Division and facilitate communication on this work to senior management and Council.

Many of the existing KPI’s used to evaluate the performance of the City Planning Division focus on the time it takes to process development applications. However, using time as the most prominent means of evaluating the performance of the Division largely misses the purpose of the planning role in development review: to improve applications so they better meet Toronto‚Äôs city-building objectives as established by the Official Plan. In addition to fostering better outcomes, the Division also plays a key role in facilitating the public process and creating opportunities for public involvement and feedback.

The new KPI’s will complement the existing indicator frameworks and tell a more complete story about the performance of the Division. They were developed through a review of corporate documents and workshops and meetings with staff. In addition to the development of new KPI’s, this project will also recommend protocols for data collection.

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